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The island of Ireland as a restorative society believes in and integrates restorative practices as a way of building and maintaining relationships, which enable health and wellbeing.


Restorative Practices Ireland (RPI) promotes and supports the use of restorative approaches spanning all sectors of the community in Ireland both locally, regionally and nationally through the development of strategies designed to embed these practices across society including schools, neighbourhoods and services in the context of a life cycle approach.


  • To provide a coherent, collective voice for restorative practitioners, with a strong, active membership base;
  • To promote high-quality restorative practices (RP);
  • To monitor outcomes deriving from effective RP;
  • To advocate on behalf of members;
  • To establish mechanisms to enable and promote reflective, professional practices;
  • To support members in their professional practice and development;
  • To provide an RP training course endorsement and validation system; and
  • To embed a shared understanding of high quality, effective RP, across relevant organisations, sectors and stakeholders.

Directors/Steering Committee

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Strategic Plan 2021 – 2024

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