Information for Practitioners

Restorative Practice is used in a wide range of settings including criminal justice agencies, educational settings, and community services, statutory and voluntary organisations. More >


Information For Parents

As parents, we are constantly confronted with conflict within a family environment, everything from squabbling siblings to rows over homework or bed time. More >


Information for Young people

Restorative Practice is used by young people in a wide range of places, from schools, youth clubs, and universities and at home; and with friends, class mates, teachers, parents and anyone you come in contact with. More >


Information for Researchers & Policy Makers

Restorative Practices, including restorative justice, have been gaining traction in Ireland over the last few decades. More >

Information for Schools

Restorative Practices are increasingly used in schools, both primary and secondary, as a core part of their teacher-pupil engagement, behaviour management and conflict resolution. More >

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Wexford Restorative Practices Partnership complete Certificate in Restorative Practices in I.T. Carlow