Steering Committee

RPI Steering Committee Members 2018:

Catherine Ashe RP Consultant
Claire Casey Childhood Development Initiative
Ursula Fernee The Probation Service
Vera Hoagn Mediation Institute of Ireland
Christine Hunter Restorative Practices Forum Northern Ireland
Dan Hurley Cumasú Centre
Geraldine McCorry  Restorative Practices Forum Northern Ireland
Jim McGrath Netcare
Aideen McLaughan Extern
Catherine O’Connell Facing Forward
Kieran O’Dwyer RP Consultant
Emmett Smith Youth Community Leader
Joanne Quinn Restorative Practices Forum Northern Ireland
Marian Quinn (Chair) Childhood Development Initiative


Role and Purpose of the RPI Steering Committee:

  • To promote restorative practice as a key approach to prevention and early intervention within the context of a life cycle approach;
  • To develop the potential for restorative practices to support inclusion within communities and across sectors;
  • To identify potential for collaboration and joint developments;
  • To work collaboratively with other structures and organisations, particularly the Northern Ireland Restorative Justice Forum;
  • To develop capacity, systems and infrastructures which support the growth and evolution of restorative practices, as well as build their sustainability;
  • To progress and support locally based accreditation and training options;
  • To offer those interested in the strategic development of restorative practices a space for reflecting, crystallising, sharing and deepening understanding.