RPI Sub Committees:

Finance and Sustainability Committee

Overall purpose

To ensure that RPI is adequately funded, fulfils its financial accountability obligations and develops long-term sustainability.


The Finance and Sustainability Committee will:

  • Seek support from Government departments and agencies
  • Source core funding for the establishment and on-going operation of RPI
  • Identify other sources of funding
  • Develop the membership base (in tandem with Events and Communications Sub-Committee)
  • Oversee appropriate financial reporting.

The Chair of the Committee is: (Interim: Kieran O’Dwyer )

Governance Committee

Overall Purpose

To drive and support the establishment of Restorative Practices Ireland (RPI) as an independent company with charitable status.


Identify and progress the legal and regulatory requirements in order for RPI to be registered as an independent company and achieve charitable status.

The Governance Committee will:

  • Collate, review and revise all required and relevant policies and procedures
  • Coordinate the sign-off process in relation to key company documents (e.g. Articles of Association)
  • Oversee the establishment of processes to enable the introduction of membership fees.

The Chair of the Committee is: Dan Hurley


Communications Committee

Overall Purpose

To liaise with members and the wider public about RPI and RP and to coordinate and disseminate information about RPI events and opportunities.


The Communications Committee will:

  • Develop and implement a communications strategy
  • Ensure that the wider membership group is informed about and contributes to communications activities e.g. newsletter, website, blogs,
  • Plan and coordinate events e.g. conferences and regional events
  • Develop and design awareness building opportunities for the general public about RPI and RP e.g. videos, articles via social media, and website
  • Develop and grow the membership base.

The Chair of the Committee is Catherine O’Connell

Committee Members are Jane Mulcahy, Sharron Kelliher, Sharon McAllorum and Adrian Haines.

Quality Assurance Committee

Overall Purpose

To develop and support the integration of quality assurance standards, processes and systems across RPI membership – including individual practitioners and restorative organisations.


The RP Quality Assurance Committee will:

  • Identify existing quality assurance processes and promote their utilisation
  • Support the integration of quality assurance systems across all membership organisations
  • Map relevant accreditation systems and identify sustainable opportunities for development
  • Offer guidance to and oversee the work of the Course Endorsement Panel.

The Chair of the Committee is Catherine Ashe

Research Committee

Overall Purpose

To map and conduct research on RP activities in Ireland, evaluate their impact and disseminate information on best practices and other research.


The Research Committee will:

  • Gather and disseminate case studies, activity data and impact evidence
  • Support monitoring and evaluation of RP in Ireland, in tandem with the QA Committee
  • Gather and disseminate RP research and best practices from around the world
  • Devise a process of evaluation of RPI’s impact.

The Chair of the Committee is Kieran O’Dwyer